Since 2009

The construction of the hotel to use expensive wood. Water from the mountain lake, especially for our hotel system designed sewage treatment plant.

Located in the picturesque setting. Surrounded by ten uninhabited islands.

Coral reefs, white wild beaches. Here everyone will find something for what came.

For fishing enthusiasts a great opportunity to catch exotic fish.


How to reach to the hotel

1. The easiest way.
Buy a tour in the travel agency or Order transfer to our hotel.
2. Easy way Taxi
The approximate price of 2,000 baht for a taxi. It is not always the taxi driver agrees to keep to the hotel, because of the bad road. Do not forget to show the map of the hotel.
3. If you drive the motobike
You reached the island, rent a motorbike on a motorbike to the hotel.
4. If you drive the car
By car, it is very difficult to pass, but if you have an SUV - it's not difficult.